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"Our business is taking care of YOURS."

Benefits of Opening a Business Account

Opening a business account can offer several benefits for individuals and businesses alike. Here are some key advantages:

Separation of Personal and Business Finances

Legal and Tax Compliance

Access to Business Banking Services


Business Credibility

Businesses operating without opening a business account are not adhering to sound financial practices and may encounter various challenges. Once you open a business account, it signifies your commitment to organized financial management, legal compliance, and professionalism. This information is often crucial for external parties, such as creditors, suppliers, and clients, to verify your legitimacy and credibility as a legal business entity.


Who We are

We are a company whose primary purpose is to satisfy our clients by making the entire back end processes of operating their entity, as effortless as possible, allowing them to get back to day to day operations. Officially starting in 2019, we offered a professional and effective solutions for our clients to be able to seamlessly get their services provided without having to leave the comfort and safety of their homes during the pandemic.

Our Services

In the last few years we have opened over 1000 business accounts in Jamaica and provided many other business related services to clients. Services ranging from accounting, to providing trademarks, stamp and seals, providing advice and assisting with business planning and a host of other business consultancy services.

20 +
Accounts Opened

Our Team

We have team of talented, educated, hard working and dedicated individuals whose goal is to ensure that our clients business needs are met. The team is equipped with individuals whose expertise range from economics, accounting, compliance, business management and graphic design. We subscribe to the highest ethical standards and principles.


Any company trading in a name other than its true corporate name.
Any individual or firm buying or selling goods from an established address.
Any individual or firm offering services from an established address in a name other than that individual’s own name or the names of all the partners in the firm.


All you need to open your business account is
a. Certificate of Registration
b. Professional Certification where applicable
c. ID
d. Projected cashflow/financials

Taxation is based on your income that the business generates. Once you surpass 1.5 million for the year in revenue, you are to pay income tax of 25%. If you don’t, your not liable to but you will need to at least pay your education tax, nis and nht.
Please note, even if you are registered and not operating, you are to file taxes to show this information.

TCC are tax compliant certificates which require your taxes to be up to date. First time applicants are required to do an interview as well.